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184 Main Street | Poughkeepsie NY



Featured at the brand new Taste NY Grand Central !

Our business was established in 2017, crafting modern-style blended mead with a variety of recipes. Our meadery and tasting room on Main Street in Poughkeepsie opened its doors in August 2020.


Mead is an alcoholic beverage fermented primarily with honey. Contrary to "old-school" mead, most of our honey-based beverages are much lighter and not crazy sweet, the opposite of an after-dinner/dessert beverage. Our mission is to make mead mainstream! Mead has been perceived a certain way over the years; it's time to clean the slate and rethink mead.

Why are we open only on Saturdays? Well, the owner Eric (that's me, hi) and his wife Ashley are the owners of Slate Point Meadery, mead-makers in the production space and managers at the tasting room, with no staff. They both work full-time jobs throughout the week and can only find so much time to open the meadery to share all the delicious meads with everyone.


Please come by for tastings on Saturdays!




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Limited mead available for shipment via UPS Ground. Not all mead we have at the tasting room is available for online ordering. For pickup orders, simply stop by our tasting room during open hours to choose from our wide selection of delicious mead.



Mead is a honey-based alcoholic beverage, which is considered the first to be fermented in the entire history of humankind, over 10,000 years ago. In order to be mead, its primary fermented sugars must come from honey. We just add different ingredients to create a practically endless variety of flavor profiles.

The term "mead" itself is said to have originated from the word meadow, where bees have always been found to cultivate and pollinate, creating the awesome natural ingredient known as honey.

Mead has not been as prominent in the United States until recently. Over the past decade, the number of meaderies in the country has gone from 30 to over 600 and counting! "Modern" style mead is certainly on the rise.

While old-school style mead is considered to be heavy and sweet at higher alcohol content levels, most of the mead produced at our meadery is designed to be lighter and refreshing in comparison, while containing all the complexities and subtleties that make this type of beverage so unique.

One of the coolest characteristics of mead is that it has so much versatility. Mead can be infused with all types of fruit, spices, herbs, even vegetables, and more. Mead can also be used as an ingredient in cocktails, giving bartenders something unique to create with.

Another great benefit of mead is that it is naturally gluten free as long as no gluten ingredients are added in the production process. We do our best to produce all of our meads gluten free, but we will mark on our menu any that may have traces of gluten.

Stop by for a glass!

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